How 2 install Linux Mint On Flash drive

Guide on Installing Linux Mint from a USB Flash Drive

1. Download Linux Mint and USB installer

Go to Linux Mint official website to download Linux Mint and's USB installer.
2. Insert USB flash driver to copy iso file.

Open the USB installer and insert your USB flash drive. Click the "..." button to manually locate your .iso file when it has finished downloading.

Select this file, click "OK" and then "Next". Follow the prompts and wait for the application to copy your .iso file to the USB flash drive.
3. Reboot computer and open BIOS setup.

Reboot your computer and open BIOS setup. Depending on your computer manufacturer, you'll need to tap either "F2", "Delete" or another key while the system is starting up to open this (the proper key is usually displayed on the first screen that appears when the system is powered up).
4. Move your USB flash drive.

Find the "Boot" section of your BIOS setup. Move your USB flash drive up on the list until it is the first item. Reboot again.
5. Install Linux Mint.

Follow the instructions for installing Linux Mint that appear on screen. You can also just run the operating system from the USB flash drive.

Now, you can use your Linux Mint do what you want.

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