Tecno N3 UnBricKinG

Hakskol are not responsible 4 any Damage

                                            step 1-download the modded boot image 
                                            step 2-download tools needed 
                                            step 3-download N3 system img, this files are split  i.e 10 in all
                                           step 4- extract contents of tools_needed

                                           step 5- use 7zip to extract the 10 split sys.yaffs2.img file (this can be done by copying them to the same folder the right clicking and selecting 7zip, extract archive)

                                           step 6- boot your N3 into fast boot mode (this is done easily by removing the battery, and while holding volume-down button on plug in your usb cable, then wait till you see the TECNO logo displayed on the screen, wait for 5 second then release the volume-down button)

                                            step 7 FLASHING THE TECNO:
now, run Android AIO flasher.exe (found in tools needed folder)
next, in the AIO flasher window, the very first menu is what concerns us i.e. where its written fastboot flasher (Nandroid Restorer)(the others we shall explain in later tutorials)
click boot
click Select file(browse to where you saved the boot.img you downloaded above)
click erase
click flash
Wait for  "writing boot...OK" before you know its done

Repeat the same process for the sys.yaffs2.img file, only this time, we go:
click System
click Select file(browse to where you saved the sys.yaffs2.img you downloaded above)
click erase
click flash

Wait to show "writing sys.yaffs2.img OK" before you know its done.Unplug the usb cable,
now, while holding "volume-up" plug it back keep holding volume up till you enter the Android 3e stock recovery menu. using volume up and down to move select "wipe cache", PRESS power button to select
when this is finished select "wipe data/factory reset". Unplug usb, remove & put battery. power device and you are done.


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