The minute you know that your laptop is lost or stolen, login to your account and begin tracking your device. You can download any important files, locate the device, (lock it if desired), then contact your local police department with the information this software provides about your laptop's whereabouts and whoever may have possession of it (cam snapshot and monitor snapshot). Do not attempt to apprehend, reclaim any person or property or take any action on your own behalf that may put you or others at any kind of risk, without the assistance of law enforcement (police).

Many law enforcement agencies simply won't take action to recover your laptop with only an IP address to go on. often has the thief's picture, address, and other personal details — This is why you need RIGHT NOW so that you or the police can login and see everything the thief is up to on your stolen laptop. Involving law enforcement is only one of the solutions the employs to recover your laptop but if they deem it necessary, all of the information that has been recorded on the thief's activities make it a snap to get their involvement.

Lots of us rely on GPS navigation technology for directions around towns and cities, but not Our software suite doesn't rely on GPS technology alone but also WiFi signals. works by sniffing for WiFi signals that are in range, then measuring signal strength and comparing those results with a database in order to pinpoint the exact location of your stolen laptop. WiFi Positioning Systems are a very useful and increasingly popular method, especially for urban areas where GPS signals don't penetrate and accuracy is of the utmost importance.


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